Vegan Drink Company Introduces 5 Plant-Based Milks in India

The plant-based milk market is thriving, and the Vegan Drink Company entered this growing industry. In under a year since its launch, the brand has gained a strong following among Nepali consumers. With the market projected to reach US$59-244 million (Rs. 459-1,889 crore in Indian rupees), we have high hopes for the brand to become a formidable competitor in this sector.

Vegan Drink Company VDC Plant-Based Milk
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VDC, the Vegan Drink Company from Karnataka, India, entered the market in August with the goal of changing the way we think about plant-based milk.

Why? Well, more and more people are choosing dairy alternatives because of things like lactose intolerance and a move toward vegan diets. However, some folks worry about getting enough calcium when they switch from cow’s milk. But here’s the thing: our love for cow’s milk has a lot to do with marketing.

VDC understands this concern. So, they offer plant-based milks that are fortified with calcium, just like many other products that add important minerals.

VDC is known for making plant-based milk that’s full of nutrients. They have a bunch of different types like almond, coconut, millet, oat, and soy. They come in handy 1-liter and 2-liter packs, with prices ranging from 99 to 199 rupees.

Their milks are not only good for your health but also the environment. This helps the growing number of people who want milk alternatives for health and ethical reasons. So, VDC is making a big impact on the plant-based milk scene in India.

The Vegan Drink Company (VDC) is witnessing a significant upswing in demand for its vegan products in Nepal, with well-known establishments like Vegan Diary Nepal and Himalayan Java placing substantial orders. Vegan Diary Nepal, a flagship store on Daraz, is one of the establishments sourcing from VDC, while Himalayan Java, Nepal’s premier coffee shop, is determined to enhance its coffee offerings by introducing a range of plant-based milk alternatives from VDC at all their locations.

This growing popularity of VDC’s products in Nepal underscores the increasing trend of plant-based milk in the region, serving as a source of pride for India as a Karnataka-based vegan company successfully broadens its business operations into Nepal.

Sure, VDC has a good chance to do well in the Indian market alongside other plant-based milk brands. In India, there are a lot of people, around 1.5 billion, but only a small percentage, just 3%, are into the vegan lifestyle. This means there’s a big opportunity for VDC to grow in India. They’ve already been successful in Nepal with their plant-based milk.

One thing that helps VDC is that they have nice-looking packaging, which can attract customers. Also, their products are certified as vegan by the Sattvik Council of India, as shown on their Instagram. This makes them more trustworthy and appealing to people who care about their health and the environment in the Indian market.

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