Better Bet has launched India’s first plant-based cold brew latte crafted from millet

For many years, millet has been a crucial part of India’s diet, making the country a major hub for millet eating with the contribution of 40% to global millet production. Understanding this  better bet ( plant-based beverage company )has shown interest to enter into millet segment as their next plant-based drink.

Better Bet plant-based cold brew latte

Better Bet’ new launch

Better Bet, formerly known as Alt Food, clinched PETA’s Best Plant-Based Drink Brand award in 2020. The brand’s momentum continued with a successful collaboration, introducing a millet-based plant-based cold brew latte in partnership with Blue Tokai Coffee.

Already positive feedback has received to the latest launch from the consumers but there is a noticeable reluctance among Indian companies to engage in millet-based businesses, mainly due to perceived challenges such as low yields and high processing costs associated with millet.

So how does better bet sustain in the market with millet based drink ? However, the Indian government is actively working to counter this trend by striving to transform millet-based startups into unicorn enterprises as Millet is a drought-tolerant crop that requires minimal water compared to traditional staples like rice and wheat.

with the aim of increasing global awareness about millets and promoting their production and consumption, he United Nations declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets, in response to the proposal from the Indian government.

This initiative has sparked significant momentum, particularly in India, where 80 new startups dedicated to millet-related ventures emerged in the past year.

This surge reflects a growing understanding of millet’s significance in addressing economic and environmental issues. Beeter Bet, contributing to this movement, introduced India’s first plant-based cold brew latte, promoting sustainable and nutritious food choices.

This launch highlights Blue Tokai Coffee’s increasing involvement in the plant-based sector. Prior to this partnership, the coffee company had joined hand with Good Mylk to offer vegan milk across all location.

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