Evo Foods: indian venture takes in the Global Market with Its Vegan Egg Products

The growing popularity of Veganism as a lifestyle and dietary choice has spurred remarkable advancements in plant-based alternatives, notably vegan eggs. In a significant development, Evo Foods entered the plant-based egg market last year, introducing the world’s first heat-stable plant-based boiled egg.  This groundbreaking innovation followed the success of their liquid whole egg substitute, propelling the vegan egg industry forward. In recognition of their pioneering efforts, Evo Foods was honored with the Most Innovative Company Award for 2021 by PETA India.

Vegan Egg market

You might be curious about vegan eggs, their composition, the advantages they offer for your health, how they can replace conventional eggs, and information about Evo Foods. We will cover

What Are Vegan Eggs ?

Vegan eggs, innovative plant-based alternatives, are crafted from a variety of straightforward plant-based ingredients, carefully selected to replicate the properties of traditional eggs. These ingredients include mung beans, chia seeds, flax seeds, chickpea flour, and the versatile aquafaba. The availability of various vegan egg brands makes transitioning to a plant-based diet easier and more appealing. These alternatives align with ethical and environmental concerns while delivering a delicious experience akin to traditional egg-based dishes.

Vegan eggs provide several advantages over traditional eggs, making them a healthier alternative. While traditional eggs are known to be rich in cholesterol, vegan eggs are cholesterol-free and lower in saturated fats and  offer a higher fiber content, making them a heart-healthy choice. These plant-based eggs also offer a significant source of plant-based protein, a fact that many people are unaware of due to patented innovations in vegan egg production. Consequently, incorporating plant-based eggs into one’s diet can contribute to a well-rounded and nutritious eating plan.

Birth of Evo Foods

Mumbai-based startup Evo Foods, founded in 2019 by Kartik Dixit and Shraddha Bhansali, has been at the forefront of the alternative protein industry. Kartik’s journey began in cell-based meat, where he recognized the environmental impact of traditional animal agriculture, leading to his realization that eggs were a dietary staple in India.

This realization gave birth to the idea of creating a plant-based egg substitute. Fate brought him together with sustainability activist Shraddha Bhansali, and their collaboration with food scientists and plant biochemists led to the establishment of Evo Foods.

Their innovative approach to plant-based protein earned them PETA India’s Most Innovative Company Award for 2021, solidifying their position as industry leaders. With pre-seed funding of US$845,000 in 2021, Evo Foods expanded into the Indian market in 2020 and showcased their animal-free boiled and liquid eggs in San Francisco in 2022.

CEO Kartik Dixit’s commitment to innovation and speed fuels their ambition to transform the conventional egg industry. Evo Foods aims to remove animals from the food chain by harnessing India’s rich biodiversity of over 65,000 edible crop varieties, utilizing a blend of proteins from legumes and emphasizing the enduring nature of evolution. Their ultimate goal is to unlock and promote this vast crop diversity, starting with cost-effective egg alternatives.

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