Brooklyn’s Latest: Vegan Banoffee Pie and Blue Tokai Collaboration in India!

For those who may not be familiar with it, Brooklyn Creamery has already launched a variety of vegan ice cream flavors in India, which have received praise from Kunal A. Joshier( world’s first vegan to scale mount everest ) and Ranveer Allahbadia (who runs indias most popular educational podcast Beer Biceps) . We’re excited to announce that they have now introduced two new vegan flavors in the country.

Blue Tokai Collaboration in India

Consumers often enjoy dairy products without much consideration for the source and processes involved in milk production. However, increased awareness of the ethical concerns surrounding the dairy industry, such as the repeated forced impregnation of female cows a has led to a growing number of individuals choosing to exclude dairy from their diets.

The shift in consumer preferences towards more ethical and sustainable choices has indeed driven significant growth in the non-dairy product market, including non-dairy ice cream. Traditional dairy products like ice cream are beloved by people worldwide, but there is a growing demand for alternatives that are plant-based and vegan.

Brooklyn Creamery, an ice cream company, has been quick to respond to the growing trend of veganism in India by entering the vegan ice cream market. In an effort to solidify their presence and meet the surging demand for vegan alternatives, the company recently unveiled two exciting vegan ice cream offerings within the last 15 days.

The initial addition to their lineup is the “Banoffee Pie Vegan Ice Cream,” a stand-alone release that offers a delightful plant-based reinterpretation of the cherished English dessert, Banoffee Pie. Their second flavor, “Espresso Cookie Crumble Ice Cream,” created in collaboration with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, combines the goodness of espresso and cookie crumble in a delectable vegan frozen treat.

This move demonstrates Brooklyn Creamery’s commitment to meeting the evolving preferences of consumers who are looking for cruelty-free and sustainable options. The introduction of new vegan ice cream products allows them to capture a share of the expanding market and cater to those who seek dairy-free and environmentally conscious dessert choices. It’s a strategic response to changing consumer dynamics and positions them as a player in the vegan ice cream segment in India.

Brooklyn’s Banoffee Pie Vegan Ice Cream

brooklyn's Banoffee Pie Vegan Ice Cream

Banoffee Pie is a classic British dessert, combining ripe bananas and rich toffee. It’s relatively new to Indian consumers but offers a delightful taste experience worth trying.

Introducing Vegan Banoffee Pie ice cream – a new and delightful treat for Indian consumers. It combines the sweetness of banana, rich toffee, and brownie pieces in a guilt-free, low-calorie dessert with no added sugar. Made with creamy coconut milk, it’s a unique flavor ahead of its time in the Indian market. Try it and savor the taste experience!

Brooklyn’s Espresso Cookie Crumble Ice Cream

Brooklyn's Espresso Cookie Crumble Ice Cream

Brooklyn Creamery and Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters present Espresso Cookie Crumble Ice Cream – a low-calorie, delightful coffee treat with cookie crunch. Only 75 Kcal per serving, 60% less fat. Available for INR 399 at select locations and on Swiggy and Zomato. Indulge in rich coffee flavors today!







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