Canadian company Cult food science Introduces Noochies Vegan Cat Treats

Vegan Cat Treat brand Noochies, a remarkable product from CULT Food Science Corp, represents a pioneering force in sustainable and ethical food production. This Canadian company is at the forefront of investment, development, and commercialization of cellular agriculture technologies and products. Notably, their portfolio company, Good Meat, has made history as the first lab-grown chicken to receive approval in both Singapore and the United States. In addition to their efforts in cultured meat for human consumption, the Canadian company is also actively focusing on cultured food for pets. They recently announced the creation of Vegan Cat Treats under the brand “Noochies,

Noochies Vegan Cat Treats

Noochies Vegan Cat Treats

Joshua Errett, the founder of Noochies, firmly believes that one of the most impactful ways to reduce our society’s dependence on industrial agriculture and meat is by shifting our focus to pet food. As a manifestation of this belief, he introduced Noochies, a pioneering freeze-dried pet food product.

Noochies features an innovative and patented ingredient known as Bmmune, a cultured nutritional yeast specially formulated to provide a significant protein content, fulfilling the daily protein requirements of our beloved pets. Furthermore, Bmmune offers substantial levels of fiber, immune-boosting B vitamins, and gut-friendly fermented components. This unique component combines two essential elements: nutritional yeast and fermented fungi, as confirmed by Errett to green queen.

Noochies was originally owned by Biocraft, co-founded by Errett and CEO Shannon Falconer. When Errett left the company, Biocraft sold Noochies to Errett, as they wanted to focus only cultivated meat. Errett then took over Noochies with the goal of providing sustainable pet food that doesn’t harm other animals.

Noochies isn’t the only pet food brand associated with Cult Science Food. Cult has collaborated with Umami Bioworks to launch Marina Cat, a brand of pet food that is created through cultivation methods. This partnership signifies their commitment to offering a range of innovative and sustainable pet food options.

This shift away from traditional pet food could have significant environmental benefits. A 2017 UCLA study revealed that the meat consumption of cats and dogs in the United States alone contributes to 64 million tons of CO2 equivalent annually, making them the fifth-largest “country” in terms of meat consumption globally.


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