A New York Judge Holds Donald Trump and His Sons Responsible for Fraud

In a significant legal development, New York Judge Arthur Engoron has handed a major setback to former President Donald Trump and his family business. The judge’s decision, announced on Tuesday, holds Trump and his adult sons liable for fraud in a civil lawsuit filed by New York State Attorney General Letitia James as per reuters.

This lawsuit accuses Trump of illegally inflating his assets and net worth, implicating not only Trump but also three of his children, his companies, and key business executives in a systematic scheme to defraud lenders, insurers, and other entities, as reported by Reuters.

A New York Judge Holds Donald Trump and His Sons Responsible for Fraud
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Judge Engoron’s ruling is based on a substantial body of evidence that points to a consistent pattern of fraudulent behavior spanning a decade. The Trumps are alleged to have consistently provided false and misleading financial information during this period. As a result of this decision, the focus of the upcoming trial, set for October 2, is now primarily on determining the extent of damages the defendants should be responsible for.

This ruling also includes the cancellation of business certificates for the Trump Organization and sanctions against Trump’s lawyers for disruptive conduct and unreasonable legal arguments during the case, reinforcing the ongoing legal scrutiny surrounding Donald Trump and his business dealings.

The Guardian’s report suggests that James claimed Trump had effectively engaged in a “bait and switch” tactic, indicating that Trump allegedly provided inaccurate or deceptive information regarding his financial worth.

Trump faces allegations of artificially inflating his net worth by potentially as much as $2.23 billion, and in certain assessments, possibly even up to $3.6 billion. These allegedly inflated figures are believed to have been included in the annual financial statements that Trump submitted to banks and insurance companies. If these allegations are substantiated, they could carry substantial legal and financial consequences for Trump.

Trump allegedly benefited by $150 million through deception. The lawsuit continues to address other claims and financial restitution. This is a significant development in Trump’s legal challenges with potential far-reaching consequences. Updates will reveal evolving implications.

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